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Mitroz is specialized in the delivery of solutions in DevOps, together with the Amazon Cloud Computing Service delivery of Virtual Machines, Data Pipeline, Containers and Solutions for Virtual Desktops. We help you derive more security and scalability on all devices while increasing output and reducing costs.

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Our Expertise in AWS cloud services
We leverage Amazon cloud services to deploy industry-specific solutions for business agility and operational efficiency. Our team of AWS-trained consultants and architects can help you realize the true potential of the “as-a-service” business model.
Infrastructure Provisioning

With Amazon EC2 our AWS cloud providers can create servers in minutes with your preferred operating system and other features such as storage, security, ports, etc. We also have expertise in AWS Lightsail instances configuration.


Database Management

With this service, we will have dedicated instances for databases in a matter of minutes, fully managed by the AWS support team and capable of supporting multiple database engines such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Aurora, DynamoDB, etc.


Continuous Monitoring

With Amazon SNS and SES, we can send notifications to all our users on any platform, whether web or mobile on Android or iOS. AWS Lambda CloudWatch customizable integration gets notified when your application logs something in CloudWatch.


Implementation and Migration

Migrate your on-premise business process to cloud with our cloud computing team using AWS tech stacks to build agile and secure digital solutions for a seamless transition.


Cloud Application Development

Leverage optimised platform solutions built by experience-led cloud app developers for complex businesses to realise the benefits of moving on-premise businesses to cloud.


Monitoring, Management and Support

Seamlessly monitor your cloud space; manage workflow, sharing and collaboration with cloud stored data and receive round-the-clock assistance with cloud framework.


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Benefits Of AWS Cloud Services
It presents a tremendous, full-featured series of cloud services high-quality to groups, developers and IT professionals. A few benefits are: Book A Free Consultation
AWS affords a facility to scale assets up or down automatically based on a call for. This permits packages to evolve to a modified load without guide intervention.
AWS operates on a pay-as-you-go, no-contract basis, in that users pay only for resources utilized and abscond upfront capacity expenses in order to reduce the overall operational costs of a software vendor.
Availability Zones and Regions are the terms for data centers within the AWS network. Through this, applications running in AWS clouds can be deployed all around the world with very low latencies.
For protecting computer systems, AWS implements the use of DDoS protection, firewall and encryption.
This console provides an interface that users need to work with to manage the AWS services in an easy and intuitive way.
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The technology landscape is constantly witnessing challenging IT evolutions that require fast alignment to be in the competitive game.

  • Expertise in AWS Cloud Services

    A team of certified AWS experts with extensive experience in designing, deploying and managing AWS infrastructure.

  • Comprehensive Cloud Services

    Offering a complete range of AWS services, including cloud migration, architecture design, deployment, monitoring and management.

  • Proven Track Record

    A history of successfully executed AWS projects across various industries, demonstrating reliability and competence.

  • Cost Optimization

    Expertise in AWS cost management tools and practices to optimize cloud spending.

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Most common questions
Frequently Asked Questions on AWS Cloud Services
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud is a web service that provides safe, resizable compute capacity in the cloud. It makes it easier for developers to use web-scale cloud computing.

Here are five of the many services offered by AWS partner company India:
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service—an object storage service offering industry-leading scalability, data availability, security and performance.
  • Amazon Aurora is a MySQL and PostgreSQL compatible, fully-managed relational database service that is cost-effective.
  • Amazon Aurora is a fully managed, MySQL- and PostgreSQL-compatible and cost-effective relational database service.
Our AWS cloud developers come decided to produce quality code. We have formal processes to keep quality under tight control. We do periodic code reviews and design walk-throughs as part of our quality control processes. First-time right is our focus and we believe the strength has to come in at the creation step itself.
Yes, each project we develop has a minimum of free support hours/days post-launch of the project. After free support we have amazing affordable support plans to upgrade and support applications as long you want.
AWS will cater to all your needs way better since it supports everything from the latest infrastructure technologies like compute, storage, databases, emerging technologies like ML, AI and IoT. AWS Partner makes use of several services such as Amazon SQS Queues, Amazon Kinesis Streams and AWS Lambda functions in making the methodologiesmsp; smooth and flexible for data collection flow.
We do. Our AWS professionals have notable experience in redeeming suboptimal migration or application modernization. We can help you achieve almost all your cloud goals, on time and within budget. Contact us to get a ballpark estimate of Amazon cloud services.