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Our Microsoft Azure services enable and enhance a cloud ecosystem—by migrating increasingly complex workloads to the cloud. Having deep experience in legacy modernization and app reengineering, we optimize Windows Azure’s Platform-as-a-Service offerings for diverse business needs and have

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Our Expertise in Azure Development Services
Mitroz is recognized as the best Microsoft Azure Cloud Development company in India for building smart platforms including SaaS products, custom web applications and mobile apps for several industry verticals to achieve agility in business operations.
Azure Consulting Services

Azure cloud consulting for assessing cloud requirements, app architecture and IT framework for implementation of private, public, or hybrid cloud. Roadmap for SaaS integration, PoC development and legacy modernization.


Azure Development Services

Development of cloud-native applications—web apps, SaaS products, mobile app backend, data analytics applications, enterprise applications, cloud-native solutions for legacy modernization, application performance optimization, etc.


Azure Stack Services

mplementing a common vendor platform across cloud and on-premises data centers for maximum flexibility and productivity— professional services for Azure Stack Edge, Azure Stack HCI and Azure Stack Hub.


Azure Migration Service

Deep experience in strategizing and automating database migration from a database server, multiple database servers, or an on-prem location to Azure. Expertise in executing complex Microsoft Azure cloud migration scenarios.


Azure Managed Services

SLA-driven support and maintenance, auto-scaling and backup for peak time load, app and infrastructure monitoring, monitoring tools evaluation and deployment, configuring Azure resources, Azure cybersecurity and more.


Azure Integration Services

Seamless integration of SaaS/PaaS, on-prem apps, third-party gateways, or social media integrations for superior business performance—API management, no-code API integration, microservices and serverless applications.


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Benefits Of Azure Development
Azure, competing with every other offering at cloud computing, showcases the benefits for the developer and organization with it. Book A Free Consultation
more than 200 cloud products and services: computing, storage, databases, analytics, AI and machine learning.
Scalable and In-Built Flexibility: User resource scales according to the demands without too much worrying. Check on their capacity and other requirements to remain efficient. Supports major operating systems, programming languages, frameworks, databases and devices.
Interestingly, it operates in more than 60 regions worldwide where it allows developers to host their applications next to users, thereby ensuring better performance and improved data-residency compliance.
It provides advanced security services such as threat detection, intrusion and data encryption.
It provides AI and machine learning services through Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Machine Learning and Azure Bot Service to implement intelligence.
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The technology landscape is continuously witnessing daunting IT evolutions that call for quick alignment to be in the competitive game.

  • Technology Agnosticism

    Ability to work in a plethora of platforms and technologies, ensuring finding the best fit for project needs.

  • High Availability and Reliability

    Design keeping high availability as well as reliability in mind to assure minimal downtime.

  • User-Centric Development

    Conduct thorough user research to understand end users and their inclinations. Employing advanced analytics in driving insights and informed actions.

  • . Advanced Analytics and Reporting

    Integrating advanced analytics to provide actionable insights and improve decision-making.

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Most common questions
Frequently Asked Questions on Azure Development
Our Azure consultant shall touch base for the understanding about a requirement to scope your requirements. We shall share our project proposal along with suitable engagement model choices. Post-signing up of the contract we start immediately.
We cover the following Azure components:
1.Data center physical plant
2.Azure Security & Networking
3.Azure Storage & Databases
4.Azure virtual desktop infrastructure
5.Windows OS
6.Azure DevOps and Developer Tools
7.Data analytics (MS Power BI, multiple options of DWH, big data analytics, IoT, ML, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Office 365, etc.)
The cost of cloud migration or the cloud application project largely depends on multiple factors, such as the project scope, technology stack, man-hours required, engagement model, business objective and workload volume. or complexity, legacy state and many more. That said, we want to bring a balance of the word 'value' to cost for ultimate satisfaction.
Your Azure Development company offers powerful benefits. Second, it gives you the ability to scale your applications easily in line with your business needs, which means you'll be able to handle increased demand from users and workload. Second, Azure Development provides highly secure and biggest-reliable cloud infrastructure that safeguards all your data and maintains all aspects of business continuity. Azure Development provides a comprehensive set of services and tools to help you innovate and get products or services quickly on the market. Besides, Azure Development is integrated into the current systems without a problem, which fosters the efficiency of doing organizational work and increases productivity along the board. With pay-as-you-need pricing, experience Azure Development in a way that lets you optimize your expenses by paying only for the resources consumed. Microsoft Azure Development comes, evidently, with the necessary tools, scalability, security and innovative capabilities to equip your business for survival in today's competitive market.
Azure DevOps Services are in preview across – Azure Professional Services, Azure Advanced Services and Azure Government Cloud. To use the Azure DevOps Services in production, you have to acquire an Enterprise license. To use Azure DevOps Services you need the following permits - Create a resource group, deploy a workload to a resource group, to create or edit a job and to manage a pipeline. The rights listed below are available depending on your license. For instance, an Azure Professional Services license provides users with the right to create resources and jobs, while an Advanced Services license with Azure provides rights to create resources and pipelines.