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What is the difference between Angular JS and node JS?

JavaScript is no more a client-side scripting language. It has evolved greatly and uses Angular JS and Node JS to build highly active and interactive web applications. It is a trend among business scenarios to develop web applications to promote their business and grow. Web applications are always developed using the best available frameworks and two of the most popular JavaScript application frameworks are Angular JS and Node JS. Web applications developed using these two application frameworks are easy to navigate, great in style and receive great reach among their audiences. Both these JavaScript tools are highly popular. We are Angular JS development company in Pune India, but we cannot exactly affirm which is better than the other because both of them possess some unique features. Selecting one of them to develop web applications solely depend on what features we need to emphasis on web applications.

What is Angular JS?

Angular JS is a fully featured JavaScript framework and is highly useful in developing dynamic web applications. It is highly popular among Angular JS Development Company in Pune India as well as enterprises and has enabled them to build highly featured web applications for the continuous growth of their business. Angular JS is maintained by Google in collaboration with some of the dedicated group of developers. Angular JS is mostly used in data-driven and interactive web applications.

What is Node JS?

Node JS is a free, open source and cross-platform framework utilized to create server-side and networking apps. Using Node JS framework simplifies most of the process of the creation of web applications as it provides a rich library of modules.

Difference between Angular JS and Node JS

Angular JSNode JS
It is not necessary to be installed on the Computer. It can be simply used to develop apps. Hence, it is same as other JavaScripts.It has to be installed in the computer. In order to develop web applications, Node JS need to be installed separately.
It is an open-source JavaScript Framework.It is a cross-platform runtime framework based JavaScript.
It makes use of Syntax of JavaScript.The syntax of JavaScript is not important for Node JS instead, it makes use of the JavaScript engine.
Angular JS framework is mostly used to build single page client apps.Node JS framework enables to build applications that requires chat and messaging.


Suitable for highly interactive and active web applicationsSuitable for small-size projects

Angular JS and Node JS are highly popular JavaScript tools and cannot be said as equal to each other. Both frameworks can be used to build very useful web applications for enterprises. They can also be combined to develop isomorphic web applications. Approach a Node JS development company in Pune India who can help you in developing your projects in Angular JS & Node JS.