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Node.js frameworks for the development of web and mobile applications

The rise of Node.js in the software development industry has been nothing short of phenomenal. Developers and beginners have adopted the technology in a very short time and have already developed incredible products with Node.js. From collecting form data to generating dynamic page content, Node.js has optimized everything for developers. For the uninitiated, let’s first discuss some basic tips on Node.js.

Node.js –From soup to nuts.

Thanks to asynchronous programming, Node.js simplifies many tasks for backend development. As a cross-platform open source runtime environment, it is free and works on most common platforms.

To understand the reason for the popularity of Node.js, consider the example of how PHP and ASP handle a file request. When a task is sent to the file system, these infrastructures wait for the file system to open and read the file. The content is then returned to the client and prepared for the next request.

In the case of Node.js, however, the system immediately prepares for the next request, since it does not have to wait for the file system to open it. When the file is opened and read, the server returns the content to the client. Because node.js runs in a non-blocking single thread environment, it is very efficient in memory and therefore popular with developers.

The main reason for the success of node.js in the field of the modern development branch for mobile applications is also the availability of many frameworks.

Top Js frameworks for web and mobile application development

1. Hapi.js

Hapi.js is one of the most popular node.js frameworks used to build the JSON API. It is considered by a large majority of developers working with node.js as a very robust and practical framework.

Hapi.js was originally created by Eran Hammer at Walmart and was used for the first time to handle heavy traffic on Black Friday of a great year. Hapi.js is used by many developers to build API servers, websites, and HTTP proxy applications that are essential to product success around.

2. Meteor.js

Meteor allows developers to build applications using various front-end frameworks such as Angular, React and even Blaze. Meteor is known to rationally integrate frontend and backend and may not need configuration tools that provide code breakdown and dynamic reporting for better project management.

3. Derby.js

Derby is an open source framework with real-time collaboration capabilities that allow remote teams to work better and build faster. As a full stack framework, it is used to build modern web applications in real time.

In addition, Derby.js is compatible with all types of databases. Derby.js has a very modular structure and is also suitable for other demanding tasks such as server rendering and fast data binding. A number of developers are now trying to create fast-loading real-time web applications that are both flexible and scalable.

4. Express.js

Express.js is a highly flexible and minimal node.js framework developed by TJ Holowaychuk. Express is very popular with developers, especially for those who want to create one-sided, multi-page and even hybrid applications that are very stable and robust during deployment and launch.

Express, which is not known for its incredible mapping engine, is still in the lead due to regular and frequent updates from the community and contributors around the world. Due to its fast configuration and Node’s pure JavaScript environment, Express is appreciated by product managers for agile development and rapid prototyping.

5. Total.js

Total.js is another emerging node.js framework that is adopted by developers around the world. Not only does it help you build web and mobile applications, but it is also used by developers who need an extra dimension for the functions of the Internet of Things.

The best thing about this node.js framework is the fact that it is compatible with most front-end frameworks and MVC architecture. Total.js is relatively new to the ecosystem and has continued to gain popularity due to its asynchronous and extensible functions. Total.js also offers a range of user interface components. This makes it even more popular with developers. If you need help navigating Node.js for your products and need experts to help you, please don’t hesitate to contact Mitroz Technology. Our pool of experienced Node.js developers is always there for you!