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Convert an iOS App to Android App – Step by Step Guidance

Besides the doubts, Android and iOS platforms have become the most used and best performing operating systems recently. Both operating systems are a competitor, and you can choose one or both of these programs to develop a mobile application that is significant and useful.
It’s like you’d developed an Android application for the first time and want to convert it into an iOS program, or vice versa, to obtain fame and audience stream.
It is well known the Android has the largest market Share in the Mobile App Development market. Certainly no need to not change the large part of Cake from iOS.
Why Switch to Android from iOS?
Well, it’s not a simple task initially. You will find a Number of elements to think about, including: porting the program. This means you could carry your items from one stage to another. This is easy in Android App Development. Recently, some Microsoft Android programs also have been accepted in a few straightforward steps for Windows.
Android OS is known for its flexibility. Depending You can add and customize functions. It offers advanced functions. The Google Play Store is too supportive in this regard.
There’s no need to wait too long after switching the app from IOS. There is no need to Attempt to fix errors. Now we can go for conversion, so we need to follow the basic steps:
Growing A Program Architecture:
First of all, the work started by deciding what’s the minimum version that the program can support. For example, if you want to select Android 4.4 KitKat, you need 90.5% protection of mobile devices. However, you have to choose the version in line with the functions and so forth, this investigation is important.
You Want to review its features and the structure and functions. We need to study and analyze in depth the gap between the iOS and Android platforms.
You can refine and modify certain features, Including push notifications, content change specifications, better interaction between other apps and Touch 3D, etc..
Application Layout:
Both have two Distinct platforms when developing applications. While Android has a hardware layout Normally, iOS has a horizontal design. Therefore, the developer of the Android application must develop a design .
Android Frame and code library:
When developing applications, application developers should use external elements and libraries. If you would like to convert iOS to Android, compatibility with extreme elements and if it is not compatible, we have to choose frameworks
Test the application:
We need to check once the app is converted, Quality of the program before it is available on the Play Store. You have to see that it may offer user friendly interface and an optimal user interface to the end user. Android users are more than iOS users