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Benefits of management Information system

MIS increases productivity

  1. MIS reduces errors, time and costs related to processing information.
  2. To boost productivity, MIS follows Online Transaction Processing (OL TP). OLTP could be the collecting of data as input, processing which enter data and upgrading the info to generate valuable information using the data that is processed.
  3. Still another region where modern MIS enriches productivity is by simply allowing clients to process their own trades with using a Customer-Integrated System (CIS).

MIS enriches the standard of conclusion

  1. MIS helps top management to conduct business in a much better manner, find methods to problems/opportunities, or even help them into conclusion by offering the appropriate info.

MIS service for decision drops in 2 categories:

*  If MIS makes it possible to analyze an issue by providing all of the appropriate info regarding the circumstance and expecting one to really help make a choice
*  If MIS actually makes some type of recommendation or committing any insight to that which decision to choose.

MIS improves communication and helps build team function

*   MIS will help manage information and eases communication between teams that are diverse.

* A collaborative administration information process is a particular system to boost teamwork.

* 1 factor of EDI is Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) allowing for payment without any sending money.

MIS could ease organizational transformation

MIS helps businesses to stay competitive or input new markets and alter that exactly the way business is finished.