people-centered Learning Experience Platform

Transform your training organization with Wyblo, the people-centered Learning Experience Platform. Streamline administrative tasks and elevate training paths with real-time analytics, designed to enhance your user experience.
6 Months
10 Members
The founders of Wyblo’s sought a UI/UX design partner to develop their SaaS-based platform. They needed guidance in product ideation and launch from a technology perspective.

  • User-Centric Design:Balancing the needs and wants of teachers, administrators and students.
  • Intuitive Navigation:Ensures easy navigation and access to learning modules and business activities.
  • Multi-Device Compatibility:Ensures a seamless user experience across web and mobile platforms.
  • Data Security and Privacy: Protect users’ sensitive data and ensure compliance with data privacy laws.
  • Engagement and Motivation: Engaging and participating students throughout their learning journey.
The project details
We came up with a technical solution for Wyblo and customised the UI/UX for specific user needs of the Wyblo Edu App and Wyblo Corporate.

  • Personalization:
    Incorporate person profiling and preferences settings to customise content guidelines and learning paths. Utilize gadget getting to know algorithms to indicate applicable guides and sources based on user interactions and comments.
  • Multi-Device Compatibility:
    Adopt a responsive design method to optimize the platform for numerous display screen sizes and resolutions. Implement platform-unique UI/UX improvements to leverage the precise talents of each device while maintaining consistency in design and capability.
  • Scalability:
    Erect a pliable contour that expands laterally to absorb augmented data and throughput. Use cloud-based platform and a microservice framework to enhance ease of scalability as well as future expandability. accommodating real data analysis.
  • Real-Time Analytics Integration:
    Enable trainers to set up automated notifications or alarms according to given criteria on performance allowing them intervene directly when pupils need assistance.
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