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"Discover how our Business Consultancy Website with online package buying transformed consultancy services. Explore our case study showcasing streamlined operations and enhanced client interactions through innovative web development."
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The founders of Planctuary were in search of a technology partner who could develop their SAAS-based platform and also help them in the process of product ideation to product launch from a technological perspective.

  • Complex Service Offerings: To handle different consultancy services and plans with different functionality, price, and customization options.
  • E-commerce Integration: Through the consultancy website, the online package buying system should be integrated in a beauteous way, where transactions should be safe and navigability is easy.
  • Customization and Personalization: The ability of the clients to self-compile consultancy packages according to requirements and personal taste.
  • Scalability: : The website architecture will be designed to accommodate an increase in transactions and traffic as a result of expansion in the consultancy business.
The project details
We suggested technologies best suited to Planctuary users and helped them develop - Websites development and purchase online packages for consultant websites.

  • Standard Service Schedule:
    Meaningfully categorize advisory services and packages to enable clients to make clear and accurate choices.
  • Secure Payment Gateway:
    To set up a secure payment gateway with SSL encryption, in order to ensure the security and reliability of online transactions.
  • Client Testimonials and Case Studies:
    Client testimonials and case studies will be displayed on the website for credibility and evidence that, indeed, the counseling services offered actually work.
  • Cloud-Based Hosting:
    The internet site can be hosted on a cloud-based hosting facility that ensures scalability and reliability with no site visitors surges, high extent transactions and downtime conditions
  • Customer-Centric Website Design:
    Create a client-centric website to be able to characteristic product catalogs, on-line ordering locations and get right of entry to to consumer comments, to ensure a satisfying purchaser experience

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