RFID Based Frozen Food Factory Management ERP Development

Design an RFID-based ERP system for factory management in the frozen food industry—revolutionizing inventory control, enhancing traceability and smoothening operations. It showcases our innovative solution as a software company integrating RFIF technology to optimize logistics and ensure product quality at its best, increasing overall efficiency in frozen food production and distribution.
10 Months
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Nilar founders were looking for a Technology partner, who can develop their SAAS based platform and also guide them through the process of Product ideation to product launching from technology perspective.

  • Inventory Tracking: Difficulty in real-time monitoring of inventory levels.
  • Product Traceability: ILack of traceability of products from the production to the distribution process.
  • Temperature Control: Maintaining optimum storing temperatures for frozen products.
  • Operational Efficiency: Manual processes leading to inefficiencies and errors.
  • Data Accuracy: The data is inaccurate as a result of human error in inventory and production records
The project details
We suggested technology that will best fit Nilar users and helped them develop a product - Web-Based App.

  • RFID Integration:
    Implemented RFID tags for real-time inventory tracking and management.
  • Automated Traceability:
    Developed automated systems to enhance the traceability of any product in the supply chain.
  • Temperature manage:
    Temperature sensors included into an ERP gadget for continuous tracking. .
  • Process of Working:
    Automated key tactics to enhance performance and decrease manual errors.
  • Accurate statistics seize:
    higher accuracy due to RFID technology; The data isn't always liable to human blunders.

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