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Mitroz provides all-in-one custom eLearning software development services that meet your divergent education requirements. We offer innovative solutions that drive process efficiency, accuracy and learning standards.
Empowering Education Through Innovative App Solutions
Bringing State-of-the-art Technologies to Power the Education Industry
We are proud of what we know and be at the forefront of providing top-trending technology solutions for the educational industry to embrace technological innovation so they never miss opportunities to bring innovation.
Big Data Analytics

Use big data analytics to extract learning insights from the app data in order to identify patterns and predict student performance, feedback and optimize the learning process.

Cloud Computing

Centralize the technological connectivity and alignment of your education app through cloud technology. It also makes the apps more reachable to various types of devices and a reliable one to use.


Empower your education app with AR/VR technology to enhance immersive and interactive learning experiences for your learner, making your app lead in the market.


Build an AI-infused ed-tech solution at your institute that shall ensure personalization in learning experiences, virtual assistants, multilingual support, automated grading, and much more.

Why did you choose Mitroz for educational software development projects?
Mitroz stands as one of the big wigs to release edtech solutions, creating change in education with innovative technological solutions. Mitroz is a bespoke software solution that adds value to curriculum, business administration and communication in schools, colleges and universities.
Edtech Experience

Mitroz deals with developing specific software solutions for the education sector. The company has empathetic team members who understand the challenges and requirements of educational institutions and therefore create solutions that address those needs.

User-Friendly Interface

Mitroz has put more emphasis into the development of an intuitive, user-friendly interface, which ensures both the educators and learners do not face much difficulty in using such software and therefore do not need much training.

Integration Capabilities

Mitroz's software can be incorporated into legacy systems and third-party applications already developed for integration into your educational ecosystem.

Support and Maintenance

Mitroz has a complete support and maintenance service enabling your running software to remain not only functional but up-to-date. A dedicated support team is available to help solve any problem at any time.

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Most common questions
Frequently Asked Questions on Educational Software Development

Education and learning have got a new positive influence with the online academy apps. People are more inclined to learn at their convenience, so eLearning is the best option. eLearning has solved all the problems of the learners and has boosted their careers, so the business has well-trained and knowledgeable human resources.

The key features of the education app include different portals (admins, faculties), efficient content management, third-party integrations, online examination management, grading & reporting, highly secure interface and data security, online fees collection and management, search and filters, courses & multimedia management, peer interaction portal, gamification and much more.
Here are some of the key benefits of outsourcing your education software development project in a country like India:
  • Flexible to conduct meetings according to your time-zone
  • Access to experienced developers
  • Reduced development times
  • Access to experienced developers
  • Assured quality services
  • Emerging technology support
  • A better understanding of different platforms
Contact us by sending your project requirements and get a cost estimation for the edtech solution.
Depending on project complexities, it will vary, but time to develop e-learning software with us will vary according to your EdTech needs. Please contact us to understand exactly what duration it usually takes to get your eLearning software development project delivered.