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Why Hire Dedicated Developers from Mitroz?

Software projects often lag behind because organizations try to utilize in-house resources who fail to drive enterprise-grade solutions with precision while the business ends up paying for hardware, software and additional benefits to employees.
Hire dedicated software development team and multiply your digital efforts with its unrivalled competence!

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Hire Dedicated Programmers for Mitroz Service Offerings
Dedicated developers play a crucial role in reducing the cost and risk of recruiting, training and building an entire development team.
Full-Stack Developer
Secure applications with modern software development architecture

—leverage the power of Microsoft.Net, LAMP, MEAN
Front-end Developer
Design visually appealing web experience for users with modern development architecture

—Angular, ReactJs, VueJs, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
Back-end Developer
Develop comprehensive web portals that Customize backend solutions for smooth processes and optimised outcomes.

—Asp.Net, .Net Core, PHP, NodeJs, Angular, ReactJs
Database Developer
Implement powerful CMS solutions that enable Ensure best-in-class data availability, monitor and enhance database with

—SQL Server, MySQL, PostGreSQL
Mobile Developer
Enhance user experience with futuristic and value-led mobile apps using

—iOS android, Flutter, React Native, Xamarin
Quality Assurance
Design and develop visually appealing and user-friendly websites Ensure smooth workability of software solutions with multiple levels of testing

—Manual and Automated
Business Analysts
Implement powerful CMS solutions that enable Bridge gap between departments; improve operational efficiency using

—Requirement Gathering and Analysis, Documentation, Project Scoping
Project Manager
Manage software projects efficiently and receive robust consultation for software development through

—Agile/Scrum, PMP
DevOps Engineer
Design and develop visually appealing and user-friendly websites Optimize and automate development, testing and deployment through

—Infrastructure as Code, DevOps key concepts, Soft skills
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What can Mitroz Dedicated Development Team Help You with?
Reducing Overall Budget

Shift your focus to core business with smart team management and resource allocation structures. Save on in-house resources and pay for extra support only when you need

Continuous Knowledge Sharing

Build the right competency within the existing team. We align ourselves with your core values and impart in-depth insights on modern technology with your team

Speeding up Deployment

Integrate best-fit resources, SDLC setup, QA strategies, extensive manual and automated testing, project management guidance to reduce the product’s time-to-market

Identifying and Building on Tech-gaps

Identify the tech gaps in your business. Software solution strategy to development, testing to QA, product designing to data science – we are a one-stop-shop

Managing Development Risks

Analyse your business visions and the actual needs; measure the risk proposition, form smart strategies and identify potential bottlenecks before they wreak havoc

Growing Your IT Portfolio

Use smart technology and human expertise to upscale development capacity. Integrate the right tech stacks and project-specific skills to tackle extra engineering needs

Technology Expertise

Comprehensive proficiency in employing cutting-edge technologies to construct agile, scalable and innovative web frameworks.


  • Asp.Net Core
  • JavaScript
  • NodeJs
  • Java
  • React


  • Visual Studio
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Git
  • PostMan


  • React
  • Angular
  • Entity Framework
  • Django

Service Integration

  • RESTful APIs
  • OAuth
  • GraphQL
  • Webhooks

Everything you need
Hire Dedicated Flutter App Developers From India in 4 Easy Steps
Looking to hire the best-fit remote Flutter app development talent for your unique project? Look no further, as MindInventory follows a quick and easy 4 step process to get you the best talent meeting your requirements. Book A Free Consultation
Fill out the Contact Us form below and mail us your project requirements to cater or specify the skill you want to hire from our team.
According to your requirements, we will do the talent screening and curate the right-fit talent list of what you can hire.
Screen and select the right talent to interview your project, skill testing and getting them conversant with the approach towards working on your project.
Once you find the right match for your talent, we will assist in on-boarding them remotely and help you in kick-starting your project with our managed support.
Differentiators – The Mitroz Edge
Different software types are developed by Mitroz, innovative and scalable solutions being delivered to the specified needs of the consumers. We have a team that ensures quality, timely delivery as well as lifelong support hence we are prone to be friends when aspiring for technology goals and increased business development.
Optimize Budget

Engage skilled resources as and when needed and reduce overall costing

Expertise on Legacy and Modern Tech

Agile or waterfall systems -Mitroz has expertise in all development methods

Opt for Value-driven Engagement Models

The pay-as-you-use model requires you to pay more only when utilizing extra services

Excellent Infrastructure and Maintenance

Flawless development practices and round-the-clock availability for maintenance

Availability of Contract-to-hire Structure

Open to long-term and short-term engagements as per the client’s business requirements

Extremely Competent and Skilled Talent Pool

Extremely Competent and Skilled Talent Pool Certified experts with a proven track record and adept at mitigating risks

Experience of Developers
Our developers have a diverse range of experience levels
Junior Developers:

1-3 years of experience, able to handle routine tasks and support senior developers. tenuous support to senior developers in carrying out routine tasks.

Mid-Level Developers

3 - 5 years of experience, able to run projects and complex tasks independently.

Senior Developers

5+ years of experience, advanced in their field, possessing broad knowledge and leading teams to complete projects.

Most common questions
Frequently Asked Questions on Software Development
Custom software development is the type of software creation specifically tailored to realize the particular business needs, unlike off-the-shelf software that offers generic features.
With custom software, it will fit your specific business processes, give more efficiency, scaleability and integration capabilities as compared to the generic off-the-shelf solutions.
That definitely includes requirements analysis, planning, design and prototyping of MVP development; iterative development; rigorous testing; and deployment, support and system maintenance.
We use a variety of modern technologies and tools tailored to the specific needs of the project. This includes programming languages like Java, Python and JavaScript, as well as frameworks and platforms such as .NET, React and Angular.
The timeline for developing customized software varies based on the complexity of the project, specific requirements and the scope of features. We provide a detailed project timeline after the initial consultation and requirement analysis.
With customized software, it will fit your specific business processes, providing greater efficiency, scalability and integration compared to conventional off-the-shelf solutions
short! You can reach out to us without delay through our online or by calling us. We will include the name, assess your needs and agree to detailed steps to move your business forward.
Our clients represent different sectors among them fintech, edtech, telecoms, retail, e-commerce, healthcare, automotive and distribution.

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Our company stands as the ideal partner for hiring dedicated software development teams due to our adeptness in assembling highly skilled professionals tailored to your unique project requirements. With a focus on innovation, collaboration and client satisfaction, we ensure that your team exceeds expectations and drives your business forward.

  • Expertise in Varied Technologies
  • Proven Track Record
  • Client-Centric Approach
  • Continuous Innovation
  • Seamless Team Integration
  • Flexible Engagement Models