ANPR - AI Based vehicle number detection app

ANPR, an AI-based vehicle number detection app, streamlines vehicle identification by automatically recognizing license plates. It enhances security and efficiency for traffic management, parking systems and law enforcement applications.
9 Months
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Gate App’s founders were looking for a Technology partner, who can develop their SAAS based platform and also guide them through the process of Product ideation to product launching from technology perspective.

  • Accuracy in Various Lighting Conditions: : How to detect the vehicle accurately in various lighting conditions.
  • Handling Diverse License Plate Designs: Different fonts and sizes from different zones.
  • Data Privacy and Security: Safety of information and its protection in respect of privacy via regulation compliance.
  • Real-Time Processing: It can handle large amounts of data and process the images in real-time.
  • Motion Blur and High-Speed Vehicles: Image capture of moving vehicles to be clear, especially at high speed.
The project details
We suggested technology which will be best fit for GetApp and helped them to develop 2 products - Wyblo Edu App and Wyblo Corporate.

  • Advanced Image Processing Algorithms:
    Implementing algorithms that enhance image quality and adjust for different lighting conditions.
  • Machine Learning Models:
    Training models on diverse datasets to recognize a wide variety of license plate designs and formats.
  • High-Speed Cameras and Motion Compensation:
    Using high-speed cameras and motion compensation techniques to reduce blur from moving vehicles.Deploying weather-resistant cameras and developing algorithms that adapt to different weather conditions.
  • Occlusion Handling Techniques:
    Employing techniques like multi-angle capture and deep learning to infer and reconstruct partially visible plates.Designing a scalable architecture using cloud services and edge computing to handle real-time processing and large data volumes.
  • APIs and Middleware for Integration:
    Developing APIs and middleware to facilitate integration with existing systems. Implementing encryption, access control and regular security audits to protect data and ensure compliance with regulations.

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