Tailoring Factory Management and Billing Software Developement

The Optimized software features, we improved efficiency and accuracy, improving overall factory performance and customer satisfaction. It means we are able to develop project-specific software solutions to meet unique business needs.
8 Months
5 Members
The founders of D.Chandrakant were looking for a technology partner who could develop their SAAS-based platform and guide them through the Product ideation process from the technical stage to product launch.

  • Order Tracking: Difficulty in monitoring order status and timelines.
  • Billing Accuracy: Capacity for billing all types of custom orders, which were at different prices.
  • Customization Needs: Bespoke software to provide for a tailoring business.
  • User Training: Ensuring that staff was able to work with the new system effectively.
  • Workflow Optimization: Workflow streamlining for less production time.
The project details
We suggested technology which will be best fit for D. Chandrakant users and helped them to develop 2 products - Windows Based Software and Web Based Software.

  • Order Tracking System :
    Provided a billing system, which automatically charged by calculating the costs of orders under their specifications for accuracy.
  • Automated Billing:
    Integrated a billing system that calculates costs based on order specifications, ensuring accuracy.
  • Workflow Management:
    Creating a workflow optimization tool for easy management of production stages and to anticipate delays.
  • Custom Features:
    Features specifically for tailoring operations, including fabric selection and alteration tracking were created. Also, introduced a customer management system through which all information related to the customer could be stored and retrieved easily.
  • User Training :
    Training programs were conducted with staff to orient them in using the new software smoothly.

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