Complete Sales Distribution ERP UI/UX Design

With a comprehensive UI/UX design for sales delivery ERP systems, this project focuses on creating intuitive and efficient interfaces to simplify the sales process and increase user productivity.
6 Months
8 Members
The founders of BVG sought a UI/UX design partner for their SaaS-based platform. Guidance on product ideation and introduction was needed technically. Strong Business Processes: Simplify complex sales and distribution workflows for multiple user roles.

  • Complex Workflows: Making difficult income-sharing workflows easier across different user roles.
  • Data Visualization: Showing huge sales data in a way any person can understand and use.
  • User Onboarding: Allowing new users to quickly learn and use the ERP tool.
  • Integration with Existing Systems: Making sure there are no barriers between specific business corporate system
  • Performance and Loading Times: Ensuring the ERP tool plays correctly, no matter the massive datasets.
The project details
We advised Era so that you can be a quality fit for BVG users and helped them to develop product - Sales Distribution ERP UI/UX Design

  • User involvement:
    Includes sports capabilities including success badges and average performance tracking. Regularly update the system with new capabilities and enhancements based on human entry.
  • Modifications and changes:
    Provide customizable interface connectors, together with drag-and-drop widgets and configurable dashboards. Provide intuitive reporting gear that allows customers to create and shop custom searches.
  • Mobile Responsiveness:
    Responsive design methods should be used to adjust the interface to different display sizes. Establish particular cell connections that can exploit cell device capabilities.
  • Integrating present structures:
    Design intuitive interfaces for API integration, with clear configuration settings. Provide robust documentation and support for integrating third-party systems.
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